Formed by the other



Formed by the other. By Solly Sollomon and Pilar Cortés Núñez.

“Formed by the other” is a collaborative project between Mexican artist Pilar Cortes and Bristol-based UK artist Solly Solomon in which the theme of identity is to be the central focus for the partnership. The artists aim to question the notions of painting as a representation of the self and self-expression: how one´s identity is formed by the other. This subject urges the artists to establish and engage in a dialogue which allows examination and confrontation of their own identity by the other. This is only possible by developing a close working relationship which will allow for integration between the artists, reflecting, in some ways, the process of integration of the Mexican artist into UK society.

This notion was executed in the form of a diptych with the intention being that each artist will paint the other artist, whilst both working alongside each other in the same studio. The objective of this process is that a dialogue will emerge, not only through oral engagement, but through the medium of paint. The collaborative process allowed for each artist to work on both paintings. This interaction and engagement will enable a sense of dialogue to form through the painting process itself.

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