Since graduating with BA in Visual Arts from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), I have been based in Bristol, UK since 2008, I have been based in Bristol, UK where I was part of a vibrant and diverse comunity at Coexist Studios, Hamilton House, Stokes Croft. Recently, I have moved to Mivart Studios, Easton

My work has been exhibited widely throughout more than 30 exhibitions in Mexico, Colombia, the UK and Spain. Highlighted shows include 2005 Women in Mexican Fine Arts, Museum of Mexico City; The View, Gallery of Fine Arts, Cali, Colombia & Sector Reforma Guadalajara Jalisco, México; 2012-2017 Coexist Hamilton House Open Studios Bristol; 2017 Threshold Festival, Liverpool, UK; 2014 Fascinate digital arts Conference and Showcase, Falmouth University and 2013, 2014 & 2018 Camaradas UK & México Art competition, Espacio Gallery, London, UK.

In September 2011, I was invited to participate in the performance “From Morning till night” by Katerina Seda at the Tate Modern, London.


A sense of uncertainty and continuing self questioning drives my daily practice. Nothing ever feels certain in the process of painting, and this uncertainty drove me to paint through the ever-changing symbolism of water.

A lot of my paintings start from painting on the floor; through the plasticity of the paints and mediums. Water or air emerge from the simple action of making a mark on the canvas. Other paintings are inspired by both my own photography and online images, which I alter digitally, both before and during the process of painting.

Through my work, I aim to invoke a sense of the sublime.

I am also concerned with the impact of digital technologies on ‘traditional’ landscape art-forms. I have sought to engage the general public with my work in new and original ways. In recent years, I have collaborated with a digital artist to augment a number of my exhibitions with generative music and also to create several virtual reality installations using my work.





Selected Solo Shows

2018 The Uncertain SeaHamilton House, Stokes Croft, Bristol. 
2013  Expanding the horizon. Hamilton House, Stokes Croft, Bristol.
2012  Postcards from nowhere. 
St. George’s Bristol. 
2011  Proyecto Radarte.tv. 
Centre for Culture, Jaime Sabines. Chiapas, México.
2008  For we are where we are not. 
Centre for Culture, Jaime Sabines, Tuxtla Gutiérrez Chiapas, México.

Group shows

2018 Camaradas UK & México art competition.
Espacio Gallery, London, UK.
2017 Threshold Festival, 
Unit 51, Baltic Creative, Liverpool, UK.
2017, 2016 & 2015  Open studios & exhibition. Coexist, Hamilton House. Bristol, UK.
2016 Four Five Exhibition. 123 Space. Bristol, UK.
2014 Fascinate Digital Arts Festival.  Falmouth University.  Falmouth, UK.
2014- 2013 Camaradas UK & México art competition. 
Official Residence of Mexico in the United Kingdom. London.
The Eclectic selves. Parlour Showroom, Big room. Bristol, UK.
2012 Hope & Poverty. Paintworks, Bristol, UK.
2011  Limitrofe. Crossing Borders. El Arbol Gallery, Valencia, Spain.
Paint: Water + Stone = Liquid Thought. Showroom Gallery. Bristol. UK. Demuths, Fringe Visual Arts Festival 2011
2010 Polar Fair 2010. Tactilebosch Gallery, Cardiff, UK.
The Fridge Door Gallery. Twickenham & Bath’s Fringe Visual Arts Festival.
Southbank Bristol Arts Trail 2010. Southville, Bristol, UK.
International Postal Art Exhibition, Bristol 2010. F Block Gallery, Faculty of Creative Arts, University of The West of England.
2009-2010 Micro-Pages. Tour around 12 universities and libraries in the UK including the Paul Hamlyn Library, British Museum, London UK.
2009 Life in Transitions. The Gallery, Willesden Green Library Centre, London.
The Ugly Spirit’ NAKED LUNCH@50. The cube cinema. Bristol, UK.
Flesh and the figure. The Art Works Gallery, Newcastle UK.
2008 Poetry in motion. Women’s Collective. Ollin Xochitl, Metrobus of Mexico City, Mexico DF.
2007 The faithful departed. The Labyrinth Gallery. Journalists Club of Mexico.
The View. Gallery of Fine Arts, Cali, Colombia.
Sector Reforma Guadalajara Jalisco, México.
2006 Boards and Mixed, Women in the Mexican Fine Arts. Museum of Mexico City.
Water Treated. Centre for Culture Jesus Reyes Herodes, Gallery Manuel Alvarez Acosta, Mexico City.
2005 The resources of the Method. Metro Pino Suarez, Mexico City. Gallery Luis Nishizawa, ENAP Xochimilco, UNAM.
Trama pictorica. Gallery House Frissac, Tlalpan, Mexico City.
Incidents. Center for Culture Tlalpan Autonomous University of the State of Mexico U.A.E.M., Mexico City
2004 Group 129.Center for Culture Carlos Pellicer. Mexico City.
Taller 129 Mat. Metro Pino Suarez, Mexico City.
2003 Taller 129.Soumen Trade, Mexico City.
2002 Color and Shape. National School of Music, UNAM México City.


Relevant professional experience

2011 In September 2011, I was invited to participate in the Performance “From Morning till night” by Katerina Seda at the Tate Modern.
2006 Four ephemeral murals paintings. Collaboration with artist Saul Villa in the project “Siqueiros by number”. Museum of Art Carrillo Gil. Mexico City &
Curator’s assistant for Graciela Kasep. Museum of Art Carrillo Gil. Mexico City, Mexico.